A new mess for a new day.

When most people think of implants, they thing of boobs, they don’t think of teeth.


On Friday, the 26th, I was told in no uncertain terms that my mouth cannot hold a lower denture. In fact, most people can’t. It’s a small space, it erodes the soft tissue and leads to the destruction of the jawbone.

In radiated people, me, this is called OSTEORADIONECROSIS. Bone death due to radiation.

The only solution? Implants.

It’s a long and scary process and what it entails is this:

1) EXTRACTION: They’ll remove the teeth I have now.

2) HEALING: Because of the radiation, healing will take about 4-5 months, but the hyperbarics I did is going to help a LOT. We already knew this and going toothless for five months was never going to be a joy (in fact, it caused me lots of tears), but okay. It was going to be a great diet and whoo hoo! Right? Sure.

3) THE PLAN: They’ll build a 3-D impression and scale of my mouth and take a peek at what I have going on in there to see how I can have my teeth made for after. He’s fairly certain I can hold an upper denture plate. I have a ‘nice curvature of the palate’. Score.

4) IMPLANTATION: Sounds scary, right? It is. They cut open your gum line down to your jaw and stick in a plate with five titanium posts attached. It looks like this, more or less:

Healing time from that? 5-6 months. Yeah, a no-chew, no bite diet for almost a year. I went from 4 months to 9 months (on a generous estimate) real quick, folks.

5) Once that’s done, they make the ‘crowns’ that sit on those screws and THEY look like this:

Yes, I can technically wear an upper plate during those six months I’m healing but it won’t be comfortable because I’d have teeth rubbing against open sores and I still can’t use them to chew. It’d be kind of useless.

When it’s all said and done, uppers and lowers look like this:

COST: $30,000

Approx: $2500 for the upper plate, $12,500 for the posts themselves and 12,500 for the surgery & crowns. Not to mention incidentals like oh, anesthesia.

SOOOO, this is where things stand now.

A new mess for a new day. Here we go.

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